A thin line of smoke

11 06 2009

Margaret Thatcher exercise vid

17 04 2009

Pure poetry

7 04 2009

So I was out with my mother and…

ca 2.40 into the song a homage to, I belive Alice Cooper or possible KISS, is being made but I just can’t seem to remember the exact tune; if you know please let me know it’s driving me absolutly mad.

the dark one

5 04 2009

A gang of friends

his bothers in arms

and let’s come together and pray

Who is the common denominator?

4 04 2009

From a pink fairy city kid…

to a motorhead…

answer; Larry Wallies \,,/

Stand In Line

4 04 2009

and scream…



this singer just loves great guitarists!

I long for Saturday night

3 04 2009

and now…  I wanna run away

A Canadian anthem of the 80’s

3 04 2009

I had near forgotten about these one time heroes of mine, I remember buying this album in 1984 filled with expectations and I know I played this quite a bit at the time, though I never bought the 1985 follow up Long way to heaven. Somewhere in between my flirt with this the band had ended and I had moved on to other bands. But it still is a classic hard rock anthem of the 80’s.

What is this?

3 04 2009

This blog will hold my metal memories and such. As one lurks around the web lots of fun stuff just fades away, where did I find that etc? This is my way of collecting gems concerning rock, psycadelica, hard rock, metal etc. that I want to be able to get back to such as YouTube clips etc. Now I listen to a lot of different stuff so it’s highly plausible that there will other music besides rock and metal and possible some humour as well if I’m in the mood.